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Have you always wanted to come face to face with the wildest animals in the world – preferably in your own living room?

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We sell exotic and rare animals from the Colombian jungle.

Our mission is to offer you as many unusual and interesting animal species as possible. From the powerful anaconda to the adorable sloth and the deadly poison dart frog, we offer the largest selection of endangered exotic animal species.

The Golden Poison Arrow Frog

The deadliest animal in the Colombian jungle by far is not the panther or the anaconda, but a small yellow frog whose poison can kill up to 10 adult humans.


The frog is best known for its poison, which was used by the indigenous people of Colombia to make poisoned arrows.


The frogs inhabit the tropical rainforest and live primarily on the forest floor and near rivers. They are diurnal solitary animals outside the mating season.


The golden poison arrow frog is found only in a very small region around the Rio Saija river near the Pacific coast of Colombia.

The golden poison arrow frog is a representative of the family Dendrobatidae, meaning "tree climbing frogs." The poison of a single frog is so deadly that it can kill 10 adult humans. It can cause death even on contact with the skin, where it enters the bloodstream through open pores or micro-injuries of the skin. Twenty minutes after skin contact, strong burning pain sets in. Shortly thereafter, the toxin causes muscle paralysis, cessation of breathing, and cardiac arrest. But don't worry — poison dart frogs produce their poison by eating specific types of insects. Our specimens, always freshly caught, lose their poison after only a week in your terrarium.

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Show your friends how wild you are....

… with wild animals in your own four walls. We sell our hand-picked and self-caught animals to you for pickup or delivery to over 30 countries (of course for an appropriate surcharge).

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In 2021 alone we sold 7,000 specimens to exotic animal lovers.

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Cuddle adorable baby wild cats

Wild cats feel at home in many different environments. Buy a cat from us, and watch it get used to its new home. Guaranteed return if you are dissatisfied with your cat!

We are beastly good at our job!

We have every animal

Except elephants. They don't exist in Colombia. So just ignore the picture.

Nature preserve

We collect animals exclusively from a state-supported conservation area. So the animals are not bred in captivity.

Worldwide shipping

From our main location in Colombia, right on the Rio Saija, we ship our animals all over the world.

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We offer you the entire biodiversity of Colombia in one store!

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Snapping turtle

These bitey little beasts are not as slow as they look.

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Baby wild cats

Of course, we try to catch these cats and separate them from their mother right after they are born, so they stay cute for as long as possible.

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Receive a complimentary cage with on-site purchase. When shipped, our animals are delivered in a 6 meter x 2 meter x 1 meter package directly to your doorstep.

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The golden poison arrow frog

They are deadly. But only one week. Then lose their poison and are just golden.

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"Sssssss," she says, she meanders through the rainforest.

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